The Federal University of São Carlos through its Department of Chemistry and Graduate Program on Chemistry would like to invite you to participate in the Brazilian Symposium on Chemistry and Physiology of Proteases and their Inhibitors to be held from September 28-30, 2014 in São Carlos.

This new conference is aimed to combine the expertise of chemists, biochemists, structural biologists as well as pharmacists to discuss novel protease inhibitors, proteases and their pharmaceutical relevance. The conference is primarily targeting Brazilian graduate students and researchers but is also open for international participation.

The Symposium will focus mainly the following topics:

-          Proteases in diseases and as drug targets

-          Chemistry of novel inhibitors and substrates

-          Proteases and infectious diseases

-          Natural product and endogenous protease inhibitors

The organizers welcome papers in the topics above. We also encourage people working on related areas to submit their papers and also to participate in the meeting.

We have invited renowned national and international scientists and experts, with the aim to promote the development of the main aspects involved in the development of this area.

The Organizing Committee welcomes andwishes a very pleasant and fruitful event to all participants.


Organizing Committee

Dr. Paulo Cezar Vieira (UFSCar)

Dr. Dieter Brömme (UBC)

Dr. Richele P. Severino (UFG)

Dr. Thiago A. Moura Veiga (UNIFESP)

Dr. Vanessa G. Pasqualotto Severino (UFG)

Dr. Warley de Souza Borges (UFES)

Dr. Elisângela de P. Silveira Lacerda (UFG)